The Local Lake Oswego Community is Very Important to The Stafford

The Stafford has a strong commitment to the community that we live and work in. It is our belief that giving back and being involved is a big part of what makes a community thrive. Healthy living is about more than just what you eat or exercise, it’s about how you treat those you live with.Lake Oswego Assisted Living

One of our commitments is to foster inter-generational relationships.

We are partnering with Lakeridge High School in support of their programs. We have let them know that we are a community resource for them.

Here are some of the things that The Stafford is doing with Lakeridge HS:

  • We make donations to their sports teams.
  • We attend their games and musical performance.
  • We hire high school students to work in our restaurant.
  • The students use our beautiful grounds to take their prom pictures.
  • Annually we host the football team to have a pancake breakfast with our residents.
  • We provide meeting rooms for various high school activities such as S.A.T. study groups and auctions.
  • Some students volunteer to help with our assisted living community.

The Stafford is an open and friendly business. We are working to help the community understand that we support them and welcome them with open arms.

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