Yesterday our family attended the Mother’s Day brunch with my mom, Elaine, and wanted you to know you did an excellent job accommodating the dietary needs of our family. The food was all very tasty, the wait staff was attentive and gracious. All very first class! We’re so please that my mom is in such a great environment and thank you too for the care given to my step father, before his passing.

Warm regards, Larry

“I was so worried mom would hibernate in her apartment but The Stafford’s Social Wellness Program has created an atmosphere where she feels safe and that someone is looking out for her.  Since moving here she is so busy with all the wonderful activities she barely has time to fit me into her busy schedule.  We are so happy she is here.  She is too.”

“Dad’s health was declining.  He wasn’t eating very well.  A frozen dinner or a bowl of cereal were his main staple.  Since moving here he has regained his enthusiasm for meals and has even gained weight, which his doctor was so concerned about”.

To The Stafford,

I’ve delayed writing this letter because I still want to believe that Ruth Hoover is in Apartment One in Assisted Living at the Stafford. Words can scarcely express how much our mother, Ruth H., loved the Stafford and the Stafford staff and residents. You will recall hearing at the funeral ceremony how diligently Ruth tried to escape the, ICU at Meridian Park Hospital on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd of December and get back to her apartment. She even tried to have someone call a taxi and, failing that, attempted to bribe the morning Lab Tech to sneak her out and drive her back to the Stafford.

The generosity, hospitality, and graciousness you extended to our entire family as Ruth’s Hospice care began and the funeral week ran on was nothing short of astounding. I don’t know how we can ever hope to fully express our gratitude for what you did. As you mentioned to me on New Year’s Eve, perhaps we can contribute to a memorial of some sort that will commemorate Ruth Hoover’s final and very happy years at the Stafford.

Kaylin, Eve, Mary, Brittany, Lyndsey, Kelcey, Dezi, Meagan, Rayzor, Larissa, Sandra, Jill, Pat Reichner, Heidi, Harold, and others too numerous to mention were each and every one a huge part of the joy that made our mother feel at home at the Stafford. The Stafford was Ruth’s happy, happy home.

Amy and Penny from Signature were beyond great. Everyone at the Stafford welcomed Ruth H. warmly and graciously-far beyond courtesy, politeness, or professionalism. There was a reason our mother felt that the Stafford staff members were her family, That began with you, Matt. In the end, you were the one who made the entire family experience of saying goodbye as pleasant as one could imagine. According to Ruth, you were her champion. You wound up being a champion for all of her children.

God bless,

John H., PhD
Executive Coaching Practice Director
Partners International

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